Saturday, September 1, 2012

Please Vote for my Project on!

I need your help please! I have a new project on Donor's Choose for a classroom rug and books about shapes. Please take a few minutes and vote for it on You may vote daily and also "like" it on Facebook. I appreciate it! If you have a project, let me know and I'll vote for you. Here's the link:

Directions: Sign in. Then you'll see "Classroom To Be Funded Next" in yellow. To the right of this click on "See all projects". Under "Search for Projects", type Mrs. E. Be sure the "Non-Funded Projects" is showing. Use the magnifying glass to search. It will say Mrs. E. Willis J. Ezard Elem, Conway, MO. I know I probably put way too many steps for you, but I promise it's so easy! Also, now is the time to get a project(s) on Donors Choose because Sonic's Limeades for Learning promotion is starting sometime in September. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

After you vote for my project, please pass the word to your friends and family. All the votes will help! Thanks so much!

~ Lisa

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