Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classroom Pictures

Above is the reading center. The huge "shade" is a display from a local sports shop. The manager was kind enough to donate some of their former displays.
I got the idea for this behavior chart from "Clutter-Free Classroom" blog spot. I displayed it low enough that my students could reach it. Each clothespin will have a student's name.
Everyone starts out on the rim (inbounds). They will move their own clothespin down to the "foul balls" if they make inappropriate choices. I only put 3 foul balls since it's kindergarten!
The pennants add a little more to the overall sports theme.
The football and basketball baskets were purchased after Easter for half price.
This is our whole group area where we have calendar time, math, reading, etc. I bought the small baseball rug at a yard sale.

School Starts Soon!

My summer "break" went by so fast! It's already time to prepare for the 1st day of school. I've been working in my classroom for a few days now. There is always so much preparation! This year our school wide theme is "Sports". Teachers are not required to decorate their classrooms with this theme, only the hallways. However, I decided to use the sports theme anyways. I wasn't thrilled at first, but after finding a few pennants and other items at yard sales, the more I started liking the theme. I also found lots of ideas on other blogs and Internet sites. I hope my new kindergarten kiddos will like the classroom. It's really bright and inviting.