Friday, August 10, 2012

Almost Ready for the First Day!

Our school's PBIS theme is Ocean/Beach. I love this theme! The hallways and classrooms are so inviting and cute. I have been working hard trying to finish my room. Because of a lack of shelving, I am required to pack up everything and stack boxes anywhere except the floor so the custodians can clean. It always takes me a long time to prepare my room. I'm sure a lot of you know what that's like! But, I always enjoy decorating and visiting with my co-workers. Here are a few photos so far.
This is where I'll display students' work in the hallway.
I've never tried using clothespins before but love this idea! I hope this method will be a time saver! :)
This table will be used for the writing area. I really don't want to cover this ocean bulletin board because it's so pretty! I love this "under the sea" paper. It will be my focus wall. I still have lots to do in a short period of time. My co-workers keep reminding me that "It always gets done!" Is anyone else stressing like I am? We have our first "teacher" day on Monday, Aug. 13th, Open House is the 14th, and the first day of school is the 15th! I'm excited to meet my new kiddos! I wish everyone a great start to your school year! I'll post more pictures when I finish the room. I still need to clean my foam mats & get the cubbies labeled, etc... I will get it done though! :) ~ Lisa


  1. Lisa, your room looks amazing, girly! Keep up the great work!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten
    Kindergarten Network

    1. Thanks! I am almost finished! Yay! Your room is looking so cute too! I like the background paper you put on your hallway bulletin board. I think the kiddos will be so amazed when they see the school. Everything is starting to come together. See you on Monday! :)
      ~ Lisa

  2. wow, very creative. i cant wait to finally hear where they are placing me so I can get to work decorating and finalizing plans. hate being in the dark.

    come check out my new blog design. love new visitors.

    Pre-Schooler Daze

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments! I hope you find out where you'll be teaching soon! Have a great school year! :)

  3. Your room looks great- thanks for stopping by my blog