Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Our school has a traditional graduation ceremony for kindergarten students in our high school gym. They always look so cute! This year I found a great idea from: Each child made a self portrait out of paper plates, crayons, and construction paper. All 3 kindergarten classes participated. The portraits were displayed on bulletin boards in the high school hallway for all the families and friends to see. The kiddos were so proud of them! Also, a friend of mine gave me the suggestion to take a picture of each child holding his/her portraits. They were so adorable! This is one activity that I will repeat next year! Here's one picture with the names of the children distorted. I was amazed at how some portraits looked exactly like the children!


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  2. Oh my goodness Lisa those are just adorable! I teach first but love love love those. I'm your newest follower. So glad to find you...I love finding new blogs.
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